Apocalypse Chair for NN City Zombie Hunt

The NN City sim is hosting an exciting new hunt event this weekend (11-13th November). Players are invited to the sim to kill some zombies 😀 A HUD is provided to keep track of score and points can be traded for prizes from a select number of stores, including Marmalade Jam! I decided to make something a little bit grungy for this one, and the Apocalypse Chair is the result. Hope you like it 🙂


Celebrate Your Country @ Home and Garden Market

I was going to start this post by singing Flower of Scotland but stopped myself at the last minute. Maybe I’ll let the tartan accents speak for themselves? If you didn’t already know, I’m a lil Scottish lass, and this is my patriotic offering for the brand new round at the Home and Garden Market 🙂 Enjoy!


Summer is gone 😦 But that means it’s sales time! I’ve never had a seasonal, or in fact any kind of sale at Marmalade Jam but have decided to follow suit and launched a 50L End of Season Sale. All items are 50L or less for 7 days. Enjoy 🙂

The Witch Hunt 2011 – Aramanth’s Throne

Sept. 15-30

The Witch Hunt is a 10L grid-wide hunt. And no, we’re not hunting witches. That’s just too 1692. Instead, we’re trying to help our neighborhood witches find the hats they’ve misplaced. Good hunters will be able to extract items from the magical witch hats for just 10L, and will be rewarded with harvest or Halloween-themed items from top designers around the grid!

You can find a list of participating stores here below along with a picture of what the witch hat that you’re hunting for looks like:


Rather than go for something draped in pumpkins at this time of year I decided to create something truly “witchy” for the Witch Hunt. Hence, the Aramanth chair was designed with wicca in mind, inspired and named after my lovely sister (who was very pleased I got the pentacles the right way up). The Aramanth Throne is dark, luxuriously textured and gothic in design.

The hunt starts September 15 and runs through September 30 and is the perfect way to get all kinds of new Autumn and Halloween related decor for next to nothing! HAPPY HUNTING!

Family Fun & A New Location

We’ve moved! Again, I know, but hopefully this will be the last time for a little while lol. Please come down to visit the new location at the Home and Garden Market Village, it’s adorable ❤

Marmalade Jam @ Home and Garden Market Village